Website design: why pay more?

Or how much does Ottawa website design cost anyway?

I like this question, because it can be interpreted in a number of different ways.

Take 1 – Website design: why pay more?

Quality is the short answer, but you probably knew that. Foil Media has been delivering high quality, custom websites to clients mainly in Ottawa and the greater National Capital Region, as well other parts of Canada and overseas for more than six years and has team experience in managing and building websites totalling much more than that.

For a business or nonprofit looking for a polished and professional look and feel, as well as a wide range of functionality that may encompass database-driven or dynamic elements, forms, members’ areas, content management systems and more, a customized website offers a great deal of control. The mainstream tools that we use (primarily Adobe Dreamweaver and CSS, Cold Fusion and MS SQL) also ensure longevity and technical support.

Take 2 – Website design: why pay more?

Experience and expertise are things that far too many people wanting to have a website designed and built overlook, often unintentionally. The field of “web designers” is very crowded, and grew even more so in Ottawa and the region recently when other parts of the IT sector had to downsize. In truth, only a relatively small group of these offer the level of experience and expertise needed to deliver exceptional websites.

We know from long experience that our “take” on website design is quite unique and that we offer knowledge, skills and experience that is in short supply. We have a keen interest in business analysis and understanding deeply what our clients do so that we can make the best suggestions and recommendations for their website developments. We come equipped with big ears for listening and lots of ideas that our clients appreciate.

We like to ask “what if?” questions and really help clients to imagine their needs now and into the future. We like to take the time to figure out how they will want to manage updating of their site so that we build the site in the most appropriate (and cost effective) way. Anyone who understands the value of getting things right appreciates this approach.

Take 3 – Website design: why pay more?

Inexpensive CMS and blogging platforms have made it possible to build fresh, streamlined websites for much less than a custom built website. This is good and a great alternative for small businesses, nonprofits and others with big ideas but modest budgets. We’re in the midst of building a fresh and fun new website in WordPress for a small but very successful food-based Ottawa business that we’ll be launching shortly.

If talk of paying more for custom design scares you, fear not – there are ways to build and maintain websites that will yield a nice degree of quality and control without the high cost. It all depends on what you need, where you are going and how you want to get there.

We can help; give us a shout to discuss your website project.

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Our family of four relocated to small town Ontario in 2010 and went 'back to the land'. Depending on the time of year, this blog is reflective of one of my main passions. Sometimes it looks a lot like a food blog (and I love talking about baking and cooking with kids in general), in the summer it leans heavily towards gardening and do-it-yourself-project blog, there's a very strong emphasis on parenting, living lightly/locally and actively, and a bunch of stuff in between, including the odd book review. “Wuppenif” was coined by our youngest son and is a contraction of “What would happen if?”, something that I think we all need to get better asking as we get older. Some of life’s best journeys start from this basic question.

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